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Are you looking to create a beautiful outdoor space in South Carolina for your family to enjoy? SAV landscaping has you cover for all your patio needs and would love to provide you with an outdoor space for your family to enjoy for years to come!

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Do you want to take your yard to the next level?  You can do that with a sod installation.  Here at SAV we take pride in our preparation for your sod installation.  Wether you have a new construction home or an existing construction home, we will take the right steps to provide you with the best quality installation!  We provide, bermuda sod, fescue sod, zoysia sod, and more!


An irrigation system can be vital to the health of your lawn and plants. We provide proper irrigation system irrigation to insure safety for your lawn!

Paver Patios

Make a statement with a paver walkway. We can make your vision coming to life that will be both functional and beautiful.

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From a seating wall to retaining dirt, we use high quality material and best practices to build retaining walls that are aesthetic and will last a life time!


All great properties start with proper grading for correct drainage, and a smooth property. Let us take care of the dirty work to get you one step closer to your outdoor living dreams!

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Bring your home, walkways, and landscaping to life with low voltage landscape lighting. The ambiance that outdoor landscape lighting gives will leave your family and guests in total relaxation.

Artificial Turf.png

 If you are looking for low maintenance and aesthetic grass, artificial turf would be a great fit for you. It's green all year round and there's no need to mow!


Do you want to make your yard pop?  Well if you do this is the service for you, with our mulch installation we provide a neat, and beautiful installation into all existing mulch beds.  We provide you with a leveled, and beautiful layer of mulch, that just make your yard pop!

Landscape Lighting
Artifical Turf
Landscape Renovation.png

Let us renovate your landscape by removing the existing landscape, re-grading, install, plants, sod, ground material, and any hardscape features.

Wood Fencing.png

Complete your home by letting use install a custom wood fence. We offer a wide range of styles!  

Design and Build.png

We can design and build an outdoor space and landscape for you that brings tremendous value to your property, and give you a space to make countless memories!

Landsape Renovation
Custom Wood Fencing
Build an Design


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